Chinese State-Controlled Media Gushes over Obama

Chinese State-Controlled Media Gushes over Obama

In contrast to their reporting of George W. Bush’s second term inauguration, Chinese State-controlled media gushed over President Barack Obama’s inauguration speech for his second term.

With rosy assertions and descriptions like “balanced approach,” the state-controlled media reported on Barack Obama’s inauguration speech. The only criticism offered was a slight towards Mitt Romney, even though many of the issues they had critiqued Bush over have increased and intensified under the leadership of Obama.

The state-controlled outlet offered several opinions from US commentators, but chose not to offer one critical opinion or concern.

This is not the first time the Chinese government has written favorably of the US Democratic Party. Recently, they used their media outlet to gush over the possibility of US Senator John Kerry becoming Secretary of State and of the Democrat efforts to disarm or heavily restrict US citizens from owning firearms.

The controlled media, the Xinhua News Agency, was created and is controlled solely by the communist regime founded by Mao Zedong after seizing control of China and killing tens of millions in the process of “perfecting” his vision for a “correct” populace. The communist People’s Republic of China created and continues to use the Xinhua News Agency as their official propaganda machine.