American Media Silent as Taliban Tests Obama on Inauguration Day

American Media Silent as Taliban Tests Obama on Inauguration Day

Despite there being a number of coordinated rifle and suicide bomb attacks over the course of eight hours in Kabul, Afghanistan on the day of President Obama’s inauguration, the mainstream media was mute about the violence. They were too busy basking in the glory of four more years of “Hope and Change” to care.

Islamists are going out of their way to show they don’t fear Obama, and by extension, the United States. 

One government official, who doesn’t want his name released, sees the writing on the wall: “This type of attack at the start of the year, indicates the coming months are going to be rough. The Taliban [wants]… to display their presence and reach with these kinds of attacks in Kabul.”

And what is Obama doing in response? For starters, his administration is shedding men who understand the enemy and are well-suited for responding to them: USMC General James Mattis is reportedly being forced out of CENTCOM because he disagrees with the administration’s shortsighted approach to the War in Afghanistan. 

Obama has been in charge of the war with the Taliban for over four years now, and they are demonstrating just what they think of his efforts with the timing of these attacks.

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