Secretary of State John Kerry's Useless Journey to the Middle East

Secretary of State John Kerry's Useless Journey to the Middle East

Secretary Of State John Kerry has taken to scampering back and forth between Amman and Jerusalem in an effort to accelerate momentum towards peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Fatah government in the West Bank.

The mainstream media, inspired by Kerry’s frantic efforts to accomplish this goal, have lauded his tactics as a new era in “shuttle diplomacy.” The media is connecting this exercise to that of former presidents’ Nixon and Ford’s Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, and his efforts to orchestrate negotiations for lasting peace at the conclusion of the 1973 Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur War. The similarities between Kerry and Kissinger’s “shuttle diplomacy,” and the events that preceded them, are simply unfit for comparison.

Kissinger was engaged in shuttle diplomacy while the Middle East was threatened with the prospect of imminent nuclear war. Kissinger’s “shuttle diplomacy” had clear, precise, objective goals in mind: Securing a peace between the Arabs and Israelis while deterring Soviet aggression in the region.

By engaging in this method of diplomacy, the secretary of state is prolonging the myth of mutual culpability, ignoring the historical facts of the highly-misconstrued Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The modern state of Israel has never fought an offensive war since its declaration of independence in 1948. By perpetuating the idea that foreign diplomatic intervention is needed to bring these two sides to the table, it puts an undue burden on one of our closest and most loyal allies, Israel.

Newsmax reported that terrorism expert Steve Emerson has suggested that the Obama administration is now openly engaging in negotiations with Hamas, the internationally renowned terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip. Hamas’ founding charter bluntly states that they fully intend to not only destroy Israel, but also wipe out the remaining Jewish population. To this day, Hamas has not amended a single letter of its charter since its inception in 1988.

By all objective measures, we have no idea what precisely has been accomplished. Secretary Kerry has only spoken with the media twice during his trip to the Middle East, initially noting that he was, “Working hard,” and later quipping, “I know progress when I see it, and we are making progress”.