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Pope Francis Named Vanity Fair Italy's 'Man of the Year'

Pope Francis Named Vanity Fair Italy's 'Man of the Year'


Vanity Fair Italy named Pope Francis its “Man of the Year” Wednesday, saying that the Roman Catholic leader’s first 100 days as pontiff had already made him one of the world’s top leaders.

Newsmax reports that the 76-year-old former cardinal from Buenos Aires is featured on the magazine’s front page. The publication states that the pope’s words and actions are “heavier than boulders.”

“The first 100 days of his pontificate have already propelled him to the top of the list of world leaders who are making history,” said the magazine. “The revolution continues.”

Vanity Fair Italy also published interviews with five celebrities, including British star Elton John and Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, both of whom praised Pope Francis.

Elton John described Francis as “a miracle of humility in an age of vanity.”

“I hope he manages to get his message even further, to the most marginalized in society, to those communities which… desperately need his love. I am thinking for example of homosexuals,” added the openly gay pop star.

Bocelli said, “Pope Francis is truly a gift from God to his Church which has been tortured and crushed by the forces of evil.”

Pope Francis’s humility, however, will likely lead him to dismiss honors such as that bestowed on him by Vanity Fair.

On Tuesday, Francis made a personal telephone call to his former home cathedral in Buenos Aires, asking that a statue erected in his honor there be “removed immediately.”

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