Report: Ft. Hood Shooter 'Initially' Thought About Attacking Ft. Benning, GA

Report: Ft. Hood Shooter 'Initially' Thought About Attacking Ft. Benning, GA

The “Full Report of Sanity Board, US v. MAJ Nidal M. Hasan” reveals that the alleged Ft. Hood shooter initially considered attacking Ft. Benning, Georgia.

According to Fox News, Hasan released page 26 of the report and it shows the Sanity Board’s findings on the timing of the attack and the choice of target. 

On page 26 the Sanity Board reports: 

The defendant stated that he planned his course of action in regards to “violent acts against the military” in the days following his deployment notification. He initially considered driving to the deployment center at Ft. Benning during his pre-deployment leave to Virginia and shooting soldiers there. He decided against that idea because he did not want to get caught in an unknown territory with weapons and ammunition in his car.

The report also noted that after purchasing his FN 5.7 handgun, Hasan allegedly practiced taking “head and heart shots” by “firing approximately 2500 rounds…at the shooting range.”

He then “decided on the Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) building (Building 42003) as the location for his actions [because] that building was familiar to him.”

Hasan said his plan was “to shoot soldiers and not shoot civilians.”

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