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Saudis Warn West: Support for Muslim Brotherhood 'Will Not Be Forgotten'

Saudis Warn West: Support for Muslim Brotherhood 'Will Not Be Forgotten'


The Saudi government has warned the United States and other western countries that it will remember those who did not back the Egyptian military during its current crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal’s statement read: “As you enjoy security, calm and stability, do not consider them as too much for us.” Faisal compared Muslim Brotherhood members to the al Qaeda-supported rebels in Syria currently backed by the West. “Regrettably,” Faisal wrote, we see that the international position towards the current events in Egypt is contrary to their attitudes towards the events in Syria. Where is the concern for human rights and the sanctity of blood and carnage that takes place every day in Syria which led to the killing of more than one hundred thousand Syrians and destruction of whole Syria without hearing whispering from the international community […?]”

Faisal threatened that Western positions on Syria and Egypt “will not be forgotten by Arab and Muslim world.” As far as those who have complained about the Egyptian crackdown, Faisal said, “we will consider them as hostile attitudes against the interests of Arab and Islamic nations and their stability.”

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Monday that she didn’t know if the Saudis were referring to the United States. “Obviously,” she said, “every country makes their own decision about whether they’re going to continue to provide aid, what aid they will provide, and we’ve certainly seen that.”

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