Iran Foreign Minister: U.S. Action Against Syria 'Is Illegal'

Iran Foreign Minister: U.S. Action Against Syria 'Is Illegal'

On September 8, Iran’s new Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said U.S. action against Syria “is illegal” and “outside the bounds of the United Nations charter.”

Zarif was on his first official trip to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad when he said, “I do not know why those who say all options are on the table do not understand the fact that civilized countries 65 years ago–rejected in the charter of the United Nations (the) resort to force as an illegal practice.”

The Associated Press reports Iraqi parliamentary speaker Osama al-Nujaifi agreed with Zarif. 

Nujaifi said: “We believe that the strike will not benefit Syria, but will instead spark a fire that could extend to Iraq and neighboring countries.”

The statements by Zarif and Nujaifi come on top similar words spoken by Iraq’s Prime Minister last week, when “he reiterated Baghdad’s opposition to foreign involvement in the Syrian conflict.” He warned that “a military strike could have unforeseen consequences.”

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