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Syria's Win Is the Model for Iran

Syria's Win Is the Model for Iran

When the dust settles, the concrete result of the Syria debacle is that dictator Bashar al-Assad was able to use chemical weapons, both literally and diplomatically, to retain power. Assad succeeded because President Barack Obama was never really serious about doing what it would take to remove him from power.

Syria is now the model for Iran. If Assad could trade chemical weapons for absolute power and immunity, imagine what Iran’s leaders could trade for nuclear weapons! They will start with pressing Obama to abandon Israel, which he will do just as he abandoned pro-Israel groups that lobbied for his Syria policy.

The demands will not end there, and the region’s Arab states know it. Israel may now have few options left but a surprise pre-emptive attack against Iran, which will likely have to be coordinated without the support of the Obama administration, which has proven to be more hindrance than help in the Middle East. 

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