U.S. Aid to Syrian People Rises to Nearly $1.4 Billion

U.S. Aid to Syrian People Rises to Nearly $1.4 Billion

On September 24, the State Department announced Obama is providing “$339 million in additional… humanitarian aid to support those affected by the ongoing crisis in Syria.” 

This brings the total in U.S. funds for the Syrian people to nearly $1.4 billion.

According to a State Department fact sheet:

Civilians in Syria are paying the heaviest price for the struggle to end the rule of the Assad regime. The U.S. government is working through all possible channels, including United Nations agencies, international and non-governmental organizations, and local Syrian organizations to reach the millions in desperate need of aid inside Syria and throughout the region.

Under this approach the majority of the funding will go directly to Syria while other portions will go countries impacted by the Syrian crisis and/or flooded with Syrian refugees. For example, $161 million in new aid will go directly to Syria while more than $74 million will go to Lebanon, $48 million to Jordan, more than $24 million to Iraq, and more than $25 million to Turkey.

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