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Netanyahu: 'Iran Might Hit the Jackpot Here'

Netanyahu: 'Iran Might Hit the Jackpot Here'


Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the prospective deal between Iran and the west that would result in weakening sanctions without any assurances of a cease to nuclear development. “A deal is not an end to itself,” Netanyahu said, noting, “Iran gives practically nothing, and it gets a hell of a lot. That’s a bad deal. I hope, and I can only express my wish, that the P5+1 use the time to get a good deal that takes away Iran’s nuclear capability.”

Netanyahu said, “This is the broad feeling here that Iran might hit the jackpot here. And it’s not good.”

Netanyahu pointed out that other Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, are deeply concerned about the possibility of the radical, terror-supporting regime gaining nuclear weapons. “There are many, many Arab leaders in the region who are saying, this is a very bad deal for the region and for the world. And you know, when you have the Arabs and Israelis speaking in one voice, it doesn’t happen very often, I think it’s worth paying attention to us.

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