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Russian Prime Minister Medvedev: New Ukraine Government Will Not Last

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev: New Ukraine Government Will Not Last



Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took to his official Facebook page to warn Ukraine’s new leaders they will not last. 

He said that Russia will negotiate with the country but not with those who are responsible for overthrowing Viktor Yanukovich:

“My position is that Russia is ready to develop multifaceted respectful relations with brotherly Ukraine,” he wrote. “But for us – it is not a group of people who shed his blood on the Maidan, seized power in violation of the Constitution and other laws of state.”

On February 24th, Medvedev said Russia doubts the legitimacy of the new Ukrainian government. If normal leaders took over for the country he would be willing to work with them.

He said if former president Viktor Yanukovych is guilty of anything he must be tried under the rule of law. 

“Everything else is arbitrary,” he wrote. “This is all very unstable and will end in a new coup. New blood.

“Russia needs a strong and stable Ukraine. Predictable and economically wealthy partner. Not the poor relative, always standing with his hand outstretched.”

Yanukovych surfaced in Russia on Friday and expressed his belief he is still the president of Ukraine.

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