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Group: Virgins who marry and are monogamous have best sex


Virgins who marry and are monogamous have the best sex they ever could because it’s the only sex they’ll ever know, an U.S. advocate for marriage says.

Patrick Fagan, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, delivered a talk titled "Porn in the Dorm: The Impact of Pornography on College Campus Life" broadcast live online Wednesday to Catholic colleges and universities on how college students are prone to addiction to pornography and the detrimental impact this has on their education, their relationships and their future.

Fagan, a former George H.W. Bush official, said the United States has pagan sexuality, due to the growing presence of pornography in dorms and among married couples, U.S. News & World Report reported.

"Homosexuality, infidelity, euthanasia, infanticide — these were all common sexual practices of pagan Rome. Christians were for being very different, for being monogamous, faithful," Fagan said during the broadcast.

Fagan cited a study in 1994, Andrew Greeley, a Catholic sociologist and priest, published "Sex: The Catholic Experience," which found: 68 percent of Catholics said they had sex at least once a week versus 56 percent of non-Catholics; 30 percent of Catholics said they had bought erotic underwear versus 20 percent non-Catholics; and 80 percent of devout Catholic women approved of having sex for pleasure alone.

Fagan said the Family Research Council, which advocates for traditional marriage, was working on collecting more recent data on sexual enjoyment.

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