NFL Head Coach to Manti Te'o Teammate: Is Your Girlfriend Real?

NFL Head Coach to Manti Te'o Teammate: Is Your Girlfriend Real?

Last weekend at the NFL Combine, an NFL head coach asked Tyler Eifert, Manti Te’o’s teammate at Notre Dame who is a tight end prospect, if Eifert’s girlfriend was real during a 15-minute interview session.

As Yahoo! Sports reported, the coach asked Eifert, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Eifert responded, “Yes.”

The coach then said, “Is she real?”

According to the report, “Eifert – and everyone else – burst into laughter.” There will be many more laughs at Te’o’s expense once he makes it to the NFL. 

Te’o infamously made headlines when it was revealed that his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, who had supposedly died of Leukemia after being in a car accident, was a hoax. To make matters worse, it seems like Te’o was duped by a man, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who impersonated the voice of a female and spent hours on the phone with Te’o.

Te’o, who was once considered to be a shoo-in for the first round, is trying to convince NFL executives that this embarrassing moment from his past does not reflect badly on him. 

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