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Lance Armstrong: People Will Forgive Me Like My 'Hero' Bill Clinton

Lance Armstrong: People Will Forgive Me Like My 'Hero' Bill Clinton


Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, who admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he had doped in every Tour de France he won, said people will ultimately forgive him like they did his “hero” Bill Clinton.

Speaking to the Texas Monthly, Armstrong said, “Ultimately, people forgive and forget and remember the good stuff you did.”

“Is it hard to do? Yeah,” Armstrong said. “But Clinton did it–he loves to work, he loves people, he loves to hustle. He’s a hero of mine. He’s a tough guy, he’s smart, surrounded himself with good people. And ten years later, he’s president of the world. It can be done.”

Armstrong arrogantly spoke about the personal “constituency” he had and said sometimes he regrets doing the interview with Oprah and continued to deny he was a bully even though he all but conceded that he intimidated witnesses who dared to tell the truth about his doping.

The cyclist testified under oath that he had never doped, and his henchman even threatened to bash the skull of the wife of a former teammate whose only fault was testifying truthfully under oath about Armstrong’s doping. Armstrong also ruined the life of a young masseuse his cycling team hired when he sued her, ruined her reputation and hurt her financially, and accused her of being a prostitute after she truthfully answered questions posed by authorities regarding Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs. 

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