NRA 500 to Keep Six-Shooter Celebration on Victory Lane

NRA 500 to Keep Six-Shooter Celebration on Victory Lane

The NASCAR driver who wins this Saturday’s NRA 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway will shoot six-shooters with blanks on victory lane, as has traditionally been done at the racetrack.

After the NRA sponsored the NASCAR race, gun control activists and those in the mainstream media have tried to pressure the speedway to make changes and distance themselves from the NRA. 

Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage said last week the speedway decided to keep the traditional celebration, where the winner of the race gets two revolvers and fires blanks in the air on victory lane, because “any rational person clearly understands it is part of the celebration and not any kind of political statement.”

“The more thought I gave to it, the more I realized that it is purely a celebration,” Gossage said. “As a result, I decided we would go through our normal Victory Lane celebration, including the Cowboy Boot Trophy, the cowboy hat and the six-shooters. It is my decision, and I’m sure it will be fine.”