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Kobe's Lawyers Try to Stop His Mom

Kobe's Lawyers Try to Stop His Mom


Kobe Bryant’s mother may not have the down payment she said was planned for a new house after Bryant’s lawyers said she could not auction off items from his high school and early NBA career. If Kobe Bryant does sign on to continue playing for the 2014-15 season, he should clear $300 million in salary alone from just his playing career, according to basketball reference.

Season Salary
1996-97 $1,015,000
1997-98 $1,167,240
1998-99 $1,319,000
1999-00 $9,000,000
2000-01 $10,130,000
2001-02 $11,250,000
2002-03 $12,375,000
2003-04 $13,500,000
2004-05 $14,175,000
2005-06 $15,946,875
2006-07 $17,718,750
2007-08 $19,490,625
2008-09 $21,262,500
2009-10 $23,034,375
2010-11 $24,806,250
2011-12 $25,244,493
2012-13 $27,849,149
2013-14 $30,453,805
Est. Career $279,738,062

As shown in the table above based on numbers from the basketball reference, Bryant earned $1,015,000 his first year out of high school. Once the NBA’s 3-year structured salary ended, Bryant was free to sign for $9 million in what would have been his senior year of college.

That year he won an NBA title. According to the AP, Pamela Bryant, his mother, claims that Kobe Bryant said years ago he did not want hundreds of items from his old high school days to that championship ring, and she had put them up for auction, when Kobe Bryant’s lawyers moved into block the sales.

Other items included memorabilia from Lower Merion High School. Many players buy their mother’s homes after the first big paycheck, and Pamela Bryant said she was going to use a $450,000 advance on the items from the auctioning firm as a down payment on a new house.


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