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Cheap Ways To Get Your AR-15 Ready For Home Defense

Cheap Ways To Get Your AR-15 Ready For Home Defense


Amid rising energy prices, increased taxation, and the politically driven buying panic that’s pushed ammunition and firearm prices higher under Obama, it might surprise you to know it’s possible to get your AR-15 ready for home defense on the cheap. 

In fact, for $100 you can get quite a few accessories that help turn a basic AR with a single 10 or 15 round magazine into a rifle that you can rely on for defending life and home. 

The first step to doing this is finding the right outlet for your supplies. For me, that outlet is  They carry quality accessories in bulk, which allows customers to find low prices in times like these.  

For example, as I type, they have 42 round ProMag magazines for AR-15 rifles priced at $14.18 apiece. For less than  $30 (before tax) this gives you the capacity to have 84 rounds ready to use in the event that your home is targeted by home invaders in the way Bill Maher says 12 homes in his neighborhood have been targeted over the last year. 

In the likelihood that a burglary attempt on your home takes place at night, you may want to add a light to your rifle as well. As I type, Cheaper Than Dirt carries a Leapers Vertical Grip Light that attaches to the fore-grip of the AR-15. The price is $69.97–which exhausts the rest of your hundred dollars, but leaves you with a rifle that now holds plenty of ammo and has a built-in flashlight so you can clearly see what’s in front of you as you move through the house should trouble arise.

For those who would rather add a laser instead of a light, a good laser for an AR-15 can be purchased for about $50 right now. If you go that route, that leaves you $20 with which to buy another 20 or 30 round magazine ($13 to $19) or a tactical rifle sling ($8 to $15). 

With these small changes, you can have a firearm that’s ready to go should trouble find you and your family anytime, daylight or dark.

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