Sergio: I Whine, Tiger Lies

Sergio: I Whine, Tiger Lies

On Monday, Sergio Garcia accused Tiger Woods of being a liar after conceding that the world’s top-ranked golfer was “probably right” when he called Garcia a “whiner.” 

“He called me a whiner. He’s probably right,” Garcia said on Monday. “But that’s also probably the first thing he’s told you guys that’s true in 15 years. I know what he’s like. You guys are finding out.”

Woods simply said, “no,” when asked if he had reached out to Garcia after their feud at the Players Championship two weeks ago. Garcia was getting ready for a tournament overseas while Woods was at the Congressional Golf Club outside of Washington, D.C. getting ready for the AT&T National. 

Woods and Garcia have feuded since their showdown at the 1999 PGA Championship. The Spaniard has often gotten under Woods’s skin, and that was evident during the Players Championship when the two barely talked in the third round while being paired together. Garcia accused Woods of not paying attention before he hit his approach shot on the second hole in the third round. Woods claimed the marshals had told him Garcia had hit. After a marshal initially said Woods was lying, another marshal said Woods was in fact not lying-even though he was not 100% accurate–because the marshal did technically tell him Garcia had already hit.

In any event, replays showed that the crowd noise that occurred after Woods pulled a club out of his bag happened while Garcia was on top of the ball and not during his backswing. Garcia, though, claimed that he was the victim after the Players Championship.