Buffalo Court to Consider 5-Year Sentence for Prank

Buffalo Court to Consider 5-Year Sentence for Prank

Two phone pranksters face federal wiretapping charges for their prank involving two NFL general managers.

If convicted, they face 5-year prison sentences for wiretapping after they tricked Buffalo’s GM Buddy Nix (pictured) into being recorded when he was speaking to Tampa Bay GM Mark Dominik. Nix stated he was concerned about Buffalo’s quarterback. He has failed to get the Bills past a 6-10 mark in his three seasons since returning to football, making it 13-straight season they have failed to make the playoffs.

Joshua Barber and Nicholas Kaiser got both GMs on the phone separately on March 8 and then connected them to each other, recording and selling the call to Deadspin.com. Not surprisingly, the AP reported that neither GM returned calls for comment on the case today.

“I’m here to introduce somebody that we’ve needed for a long time, something the fans and everybody in the area and myself have wanted, and that’s a general manager of football,” Ralph Wilson told the New York Daily News when Nix was hired at the end of 2013.  “We really needed somebody who knew all aspects of football.”