Report: Judge Who 'Saw' Ochocinco Butt Slap Legally Blind

Report: Judge Who 'Saw' Ochocinco Butt Slap Legally Blind

The Florida Judge who was outraged after she “saw” Chad Johnson playfully slap his male lawyer’s butt on Monday is reportedly legally blind.

Judge Katie McHugh was enraged on Monday and sentenced Johnson to 30 days in jail and did not accept the plea agreement his lawyers reached with the district attorney after Johnson playfully patted his lawyer’s rear end after McHugh asked Johnson if he was satisfied with his attorney.

According to reports, though, McHugh, who won her seat in November, “called herself ‘legally blind’ during campaign appearances.”

She reportedly suffers from “Stargardt’s Disease, a rare genetic condition,” and her handicap prevents her from obtaining a driver’s license. 

On Monday, she told Johnson, “I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside!” 

Johnson’s attorney told Gossip Extra that, “we’re going back before the judge soon to try to settle this,” but declined to comment further.


Gossip Extra “asked McHugh how she could have seen Johnson if she is nearly blind, but she has yet to comment.”

The publication also reports: 

When McHugh was elected, the state’s Division for Blind Services (DBS) saluted her arrival to the bench and identified McHugh as one of the agency’s clients.

“DBS has provided (McHugh) with adaptive equipment and accommodations for her visual impairment that resulted from a genetic condition,” read DBS’ April newsletter, titled Visionary. “When conducting court, she uses a CCTV on the bench to read legal documents.”