Tennis Channel CEO, Obama Fundraiser, Compares Comcast to 'Brutal' Rapist

Tennis Channel CEO, Obama Fundraiser, Compares Comcast to 'Brutal' Rapist

The CEO of the Tennis Channel, who also bundled millions of dollars for President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and was a co-chair of one of his fundraising committees, compared Comcast to a “brutal captor” and a rapist after the Tennis Channel lost a ruling in a federal appeals court. 

After a the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled last month that Comcast did not have to include the Tennis Channel on its basic cable package, Ken Solomon, fired off an email to his employees. Solomon was sworn in on Obama’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities in 2010 and was the co-chair of Obama’s Southern California fundraising committee. Since 2007, he has bundled nearly $3 million for Obama’s campaigns.

The Tennis Channel is reportedly up for sale, and this move could potentially sink its value.  

Deadspin, which obtained the email, reported Solomon was in “Paris at the time, just another American writing 4 a.m. prose.” The federal appeals court “overturned an FCC ruling in the process,” ruling the Tennis Channel did not adequately show it was being discriminated against by being relegated to a lower tier. That triggered something in Solomon to fire off the e-mail. Here is a portion of the email Deadspin obtained:

And finally, of all things to say there is not sufficient evidence of discrimination? Even Ray Charles could see the shameful way they treat those they do not own. Conjuring this impossible justification…that there isn’t sufficient evidence to support this and every other painful and brutal discrimination complaint is like looking at a building engulfed in flames and asking “what fire” ??? It’s like being raped for a decade by a brutal captor, finally winning in a long and painful public court trial (while you can’t get work because of your Scarlett Letter), and then on appeal years later from a pre-decided Mad Hatter of a court asking you, the victim, to produce a video to prove that it ever happened. Forget the scars, bruises and painful clarity with which everyone knows that your story is simply 100% true, where is your proof dear Alice???

Solomon has since apologized:

I regret several ill-chosen, excessively colorful and inappropriate words in a private e-mail to colleagues a few weeks ago reflecting my disappointment with a legal decision. The e-mail dealt with an issue that we are obviously passionate about, but the words do not accurately reflect my thoughts about the case or those involved, and I am very sorry that I used them.