Fan Rushes Field in All-Star Game Twitter Stunt

Fan Rushes Field in All-Star Game Twitter Stunt

Unlike most baseball fans who spontaneously storm the field after being “over served” at the beer concession stand, Dylan Masone’s stunt was pre-meditated and planned for all the world to see. Or, at least, for all the Twittersphere to see.  

Masone used the social networking site to proclaim his intention to run onto the field at Citi Field in New York during Tuesday’s All-Star game, but only if his message was “re-tweeted” 1,000 times. 

As the re-tweets started coming in, it appeared Masone was getting cold feet: 

As the re-tweets kept coming, Masone’s tweets got more fervent and revealed that he was starting to freak out:

To complete our social media narrative, Instagram user Colin Barnicle recorded the collision (h/t Barstool Sports):