'Predictalator' Computer Model: 49ers Most Likely to Win Super Bowl

'Predictalator' Computer Model: 49ers Most Likely to Win Super Bowl
The San Francisco 49ers are team most likely to win the Super Bowl, according to a computer simulation model. The Philadelphia Eagles may have lost their chance at a Super Bowl – which currently stands at 200-to-1 according to the Predictalator. However, it looks like fans of the Titans, Jaguars and Raiders may have to wait more than 1,000 years for their next title if they do not improve.

The Predictalator runs 50,000 simulated seasons or games to determine how many times a current team should win, make the playoffs, etc. It lists the chances of a Titans, Jaguars or Raiders Super Bowl win each at 0.0 percent.

Lest those fans give up hope, it should be noted that a team would have to win the Super Bowl at least 25 times in 50,000 seasons to get to 0.05 percent, which would be the lowest number needed to round up to 0.1 percent, so this really simply means it is unlikely these three teams would win a Super Bowl in the next 1,000 years.

Obviously these three teams should improve since continued poor records will get them top draftees, so they could be competing within a few years.

It is possible then that either of those three teams actually won up to 24 Super Bowls in 50,000 similate seasons.

According to the Predictalator, there is only a 25.1 percent that one of the six best teams does NOT win the Superbowl; 49ers (20.1%), Broncos (14.6), Packers (10.5), Patriots (14.9), Seahawks (7.2) and Texans (7.1).There is a huge drop-off after that with no other team having even a 3.0 percent chance.