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Whitlock: 'We Need Someone Watching the Watchers'

Whitlock: 'We Need Someone Watching the Watchers'


Jason Whitlock, who compared the NRA to the KKK, went on ESPN’s Olbermann and made some comments about those who are hunted by the media that apply to the political media as well.

“We need someone watching the watchers,” Whitlock said of outlets like Deadspin and others that report on the media, noting that journalists who become public figures and opine on television should be treated like the subjects they cover. 

Whitlock said journalists need to know how it feels to have “the media take you apart and treat you like you are not a human being.” 

“It needs to happen to us so we have more empathy for the celebrities we are covering,” Whitlock said. 

Whitlock’s words apply to mainstream media journalists who have targeted former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and, most recently, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) with inane and nonsensical stories. 

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