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A-Rod Calls Selig a Coward, Denies PED Charges

A-Rod Calls Selig a Coward, Denies PED Charges


On Wednesday, after storming out of his own grievance hearing after it was ruled that Major League Commissioner Bud Selig would not have to testify, Alex Rodriguez called Selig a coward and denied use of performance-enhancing drugs through his association with the owner of the biogenesis”nutritional clinic” under investigation. 

Rodriguez walked into WFAN and went on host Mike Francesca’s radio show in New York and blasted Selig, whom he called “the man from Milwaukee.” 

“And the fact that the man from Milwaukee that put the suspension on me with not one bit of evidence — something I didn’t do — and he doesn’t have the courage to come look me in the eye and tell me this is why I did 211? I shouldn’t serve one inning,” Rodriguez said. “For this guy — the embarrassment that he’s put me and my family through — and he doesn’t have the courage to come see me and tell me this is why I’m going to destroy your career? And I have to explain this to my daughters everyday?”

After saying Selig did not like New York and he loved the city, Rodriguez got into a heated exchange in which he denied even using the performance-enhancing drugs he has been accused of using:

WFAN: Were you guilty of any of these charges?

Rodriguez: No.

WFAN: Did you do anything wrong?

Rodriguez: No.

WFAN: Did you do any PEDs?

Rodriguez: No.

WFAN: Did you obstruct justice, any witnesses, did you do anything that they accuse you of doing?

Rodriguez: No.

WFAN: Nothing?

Rodriguez: Nothing

Major League Baseball later released a statement accusing Rodriguez of engaging in “antics” to avoid testifying under oath. 

“In the entire history of the Joint Drug Agreement, the Commissioner has not testified in a single case,” MLB said in a second statement. “Major League Baseball has the burden of proof in this matter. MLB selected Rob Manfred as its witness to explain the penalty imposed in this case. Mr. Rodriguez and the Players Association have no right to dictate how Baseball’s case is to proceed any more than Baseball has the right to dictate how their case proceeds. Today’s antics are an obvious attempt to justify Mr. Rodriguez’s continuing refusal to testify under oath.”

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