Report: NBA Player J.J. Redick Harassed Ex-Girlfriend Hours After Pressuring Her to Abort His Child

Report: NBA Player J.J. Redick Harassed Ex-Girlfriend Hours After Pressuring Her to Abort His Child

J.J. Redick, the former Duke basketball star who is now with the Clippers, reportedly harassed his former girlfriend after she signed an abortion contract with him to abort his child in the second trimester of pregnancy.  

Last year, MediaTakeOut reported that “Redick and model Vanessa Lopez, who was pregnant with Redick’s child when he was a rookie for the Orlando Magic,” signed a contract in 2007 that stipulated that “Lopez would terminate her pregnancy and provide documents that proved she went through with the abortion to Redick”:

The legal document, drawn up by representatives of both parties, stipulated that Redick and Lopez would also attempt to maintain a “relationship” for a year after the abortion and any contact between the two after that year would be considered “stalking.” If Redick decided not to maintain the “relationship” for a year after Lopez’s abortion, Redick would pay Lopez $25,000. 

Paparazzi then “discovered the abortion contract in court documents,” and Lopez, who is writing a book about the experience, gave the pro-life LifeNews website emails that she says shows she was harassed by Redick and his handlers immediately after the abortion. 

Hours after Lopez had a second trimester abortion, Redick reportedly sent her an email, which LifeNews obtained, that said coldly said, “if you really did the abortion just do the exam and prove it.”


Redick then sent another email saying that his brother-in-law left a voicemail in which he called Lopez a “dirty [N-word].” Lopez also gave LifeNews an email she said was forwarded to her by Redick’s brother in which Redick says to one of his handlers, “We’ve got problems if that stupid spic leaks it.” “Spic” is slur used for people of Mexican or Hispanic descent. 

After reports of the abortion contract came out last year, Redick initially went on Twitter and denied the “false and malicious media reports”: 

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