Which College Basketball Programs Produce the Best NBA Talent?

Which College Basketball Programs Produce the Best NBA Talent?

Which college basketball team produces the best NBA talent? The NBA has boasted a Development League for over a decade but its real “D” league long predates the existence of the Association. The schools that develop the most productive NBA players, unsurprisingly, are the one perennially vying for national championships.

Kevin Durant was the No. 1 Value Add player at Texas in 2007, and the top rated player based on PER listed on Hollinger’s NBA ratings this season. However, Kentucky (Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins) and UCLA (Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook) each claimed two of the top seven NBA players this year to rank higher than Texas in the top 25 NBA producers listed below.

The total team value is based on the cumulative of every player’s value listed on a separate post.

In the playoffs a Wake Forest trio dominates as Chris Paul and Tim Duncan scored 28 and 27 points respectively in Game 1 of their respective series, and Jeff Teague leads Atlanta in scoring as they have stunned Indiana two out of three games. Marquette’s Jae Crowder (Dallas), Wesley Matthews (Portland), Jimmy Butler (Chicago) and Dwyane Wade (Miami) all boast big playoff games already.

Stanford sneaks into the top 25 with over half their value coming from the Lopez twins, as Brook and Robin actually both had a value of 22 for the season to account for 44 of Stanford’s 77 total points.

We flagged players who first came to the US to play in the NBA with their country, meaning France (with nine players led by Tony Parker) would rank as the 9th best “college” and Spain comes in 24th led by Pau Gasol but not with his brother Marc, who first came to the US to attend at Lausanne Collegiate School in Tennessee. All of these 23 schools and two countries have at least one player who deserves to start in the NBA (20 or higher). 

Rnk Team Value # players Best Last Name Team Value
1 Kentucky 362 21 Anthony Davis NO 31
2 Duke 286 17 Kyrie Irving CLE 25
3 North Carolina 283 16 Ty Lawson DEN 24
4 Kansas 261 15 Cole Aldrich NY 24
5 UCLA 235 12 Kevin Love MIN 31
6 Florida 222 12 Al Horford ATL 27
7 Connecticut 219 13 Andre Drummond DET 27
8 Texas 192 11 Kevin Durant OKC 34
9 France 164 9 Tony Parker SA 24
10 Arizona 157 11 Jordan Hill LAL 24
11 Georgia Tech 147 8 Chris Bosh MIA 24
12 Wake Forest 135 6 Chris Paul LAC 30
13 Southern California 119 6 DeMar DeRozan TOR 23
14 Marquette 119 8 Dwyane Wade MIA 27
15 Memphis 118 8 Tyreke Evans NO 23
16 Ohio State 118 6 Mike Conley MEM 25
17 Washington 114 6 Isaiah Thomas SAC 25
18 Georgetown 105 6 Greg Monroe DET 23
19 Syracuse 101 6 Carmelo Anthony NY 29
20 Michigan 99 6 Jamal Crawford LAC 22
21 LSU 97 6 Brandon Bass BOS 20
22 Brazil 96 5 Anderson Varejao CLE 22
23 Gonzaga 78 5 Kelly Olynyk BOS 20
24 Spain 77 4 Pau Gasol LAL 24
25 Stanford 74 5 Brook and Robin (tie) Lopez BKN 22

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