International Pastime: MLB to Europe by 2015

International Pastime: MLB to Europe by 2015

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has one more significant move he wants to make before he leaves his job: open up the baseball market to the world by playing games in Europe by 2015.

Possible venues for the games include London and Amsterdam, according to Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal. Jon Morosi of Fox Sports added that Selig prefers Amsterdam, as it is “more prepared” to host games there, but London would still work.

The 2013 MLB season opened with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks playing a two-game series in Australia. Other venues hosting games have been Mexico and Japan, but MLB has been eyeing Europe for years. In 2011, the Netherlands hosted representatives from MLB, and in 2013, MLB reps were with the Dutch when plans for a baseball stadium were launched.

The NFL plays three games in London this season. Much of the NBA’s recent growth has occurred outside of the United States. MLB looks to capitalize on the game’s popularity outside of North America with the push for games in Europe.