Pedro: Clemens, Bonds Belong in Hall

Pedro: Clemens, Bonds Belong in Hall

Roger Clemens won induction to the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame with shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, radio broadcaster Joe Castiglione, and fellow righty Pedro Martinez on Thursday. If the Cy Young Award-winner from the Dominican Republic had any say in the matter, the Cy Young Award-winner from Texas would make his way to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown after joining the one in Boston.

“With all due respect to everybody that votes,” Pedro told reporters, “I’ll have to say Roger and Barry Bonds are two guys that I think had enough numbers before anything came out to actually earn a spot in the Hall of Fame. I’m not quite sure 100 percent how close they will be before all the things came out, but in my heart, if you asked me before any of that, I would’ve said, ‘Yes, 100 percent,’ without looking back. It wasn’t just the individual performances…. they dominated the time that they came up and stayed in the big leagues until those things happened.”

Clemens dismissed the Baseball Hall of Fame as unimportant. Despite winning World Series championships in New York, and Cy Young trophies in Toronto, the Rocket Man says that if he ever sees himself on a plaque in upstate New York he will be wearing a “B” on his cap.

Clemens, alongside Cy Young, owns the most wins in a Red Sox uniform at 192.