Kobe Beef: Twitter Fight Prompts Drive for an Xmas Basketball Beatdown

Kobe Bryant’s career may be slowly cooling down, but the passions he engenders among his fans remain red-hot.

Two men got into a Twitter fight over Kobe that catalyzed one Kobe fan to drive forty minutes to Temecula, California, to fight the Kobe-critic in person. It all started when a Twitter user, Tweetgood Mac @SnottieDrippen tweeted: ”I don’t see any tweets saying the Thunder better without Durant….. Aren’t they winning w/o him #ButWhenItsKobe”

A Laker fan calling himself ItsOnlyTheInternet? @MyTweetsRealAF took umbrage, responding: “Before you jump in someone’s mentions you don’t follow, might want to find the context of the tweets, fuck stick. ‪@SnottieDrippen

The fight online escalated into a challenge from the Lakers fan to physically fight, and when his challenge was accepted, triggering him to drive forty minutes to Temecula to fight in a duel of basketball fanatics. Scores of tweets between the two men flew back and forth as one man drove to fight the other, but the argument can be adumbrated by a select group from the would-be attacker:

Ultimately, @ScottieDrippen did not show up, after @MyTweetsRealAF drove to Temecula on Christmas day, leaving his family, which prompted a flurry of tweets calling @ScottieDrippen a coward:

The great mano-a-mano never materialized, despite hundreds of tweets from supporters of both men, and leaving the macho man mocking the lack of machismo in our modern world:

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