Phil Simms May Have Farted Away His Career at CBS, Literally

Something has always stunk about the way things went down between Phil Simms and Jim Nantz. Now, we know exactly where the stink came from.

Watch this video, and you tell me what’s going on here:

The “atmosphere is warming,” the “wind is picking up,” “remember the wind,” “my man Phil playing hurt today.” How many more flatulence metaphors do you need?

It’s pretty clear what happened here, isn’t it? Simms obviously broke wind in the booth, causing Nantz to become visibly uncomfortable and feel compelled to get up and walk away.

Now, no one should think that this particular incident caused Nantz to turn on Simms and call for his ouster. However, given the reports that Nantz may have contributed to Simms’ departure, this story suddenly becomes more relevant, and clearly didn’t help Simms case.

A word of advice for Tony Romo: Gas-X.

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