PM tours operations rooms on election day

Amman, Aug 27 (Petra) -- Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Tuesday toured the operations rooms at the Interior Ministry and the Public Security, Civil Defence and Gendarmerie departments as Jordanians voted to elect local councils nationwide.

Ensour, accompanied by interior minister Hussein Majali, municipal affairs minister Walid Masri and minister of state for media affairs and communications Mohammad Momani, also called at the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation, which has been providing round-the clock coverage of the municipal polls.

Ensour said he was glad "to see Jordanians heading to the ballot boxes to have their say, make their choice and implement reforms begun in this country in the last three years," stressing that "the ballot box defines our lifestyle."

But he expressed dismay over the turmoil and insecurity in the region, adding, "There is a huge difference between the camp of bullets, destruction and coups and the camp of those who pursue a path of reforms which are being advanced year after year."

"Our important message to our sons and daughters is, ‘you, the new generation, if you want a new country, well and fairly served, void of corruption or regionalism or unfair exceptions, the road to it is democracy and elections'," urging the citizens to head to the ballot boxes "for the rest of the day."

Asked about amending the controversial elections law, Ensour said the proposal should be put before the nation for a decision and said the central government will help to come up with a "conciliatory" legislation, adding "this is true democracy."



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