A pat on the back for UAE's rights record

WAM ABU DHABI, 20th October, 2013 (WAM) -- A local paper has lauded UAE for scoring high on the human rights indices saying the ranking comes as a result of hard work by government officials and leadership across a broad spectrum of Emirati society.

According to a Norway-based human rights group, the UAE has earned top marks for its work in improving society across a broad range of categories. And as a result, the nation is proudly ranked at 14, by far the highest ranking for any Arab country and ahead of the US, which finished 20th. The rankings are credible and from an agency that used some 2,000 respected individuals in positions of authority and influence around the world to grade the performance of nations. Not surprisingly, Syria finished at the bottom of the global rankings, in 210th position.

"There are international organisations with their own narrow agendas that take perverse pleasure in pointing a finger at Arab nations for their record on human rights. Quite frankly, this report should silence those critics once and for all when it comes to criticising the UAE Government," Gulf News commented in its today's editorial.

According to the rankings, the UAE scores high when it comes to proving health and education for all who live here, proving a secure and beneficial society in terms of economic activity, labour freedoms, freedom of expression and racial tolerance.

Scandinavian and west European nations largely rounded out the top 10 rankings. But it should be noted with great pride and satisfaction that the UAE was graded ahead of Austria in 15th, San Marino in 16th, Ireland in 17th, Germany in 18th, France in 19th and the US in 20th place.

"Having the UAE score above European nations that are members of the European Court of Rights shows that the societal and political freedoms in this young nation are mature, all-embracing and reflect the values of the founding leaders who created it just over four decades ago. And the rankings also show that these values have been embraced and wholeheartedly implemented by the UAE's leadership and officials at all levels. This ranking comes as a result of hard work by government officials and leadership across a broad spectrum of UAE society. It wasn't achieved overnight. It's not a throwaway survey. It's a full, frank and fair assessment of the UAE's progress. And long may that continue, " the paper concluded.



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