President Hadi meets with leaders of Hodeidah, Rayma, Mahaweet, Hajja

SANA’A, Jan. 22 (Saba) - President Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi met here on Wednesday with governors, tribal leaders, members of parliament and social figures of the governorates of Hodeidah, Rayma, Mahaweet and Hajja.

At the meeting, President Hadi praised their national positions in maintaining security and stability as well as working for improving development and investment, mentioning the community’s harmony and similarity between these four governorates.

He stressed that the unity within the framework of a federal system is more secure and stable in terms of expanding the responsibility, power, resources and establishing the social justice and good governance.

He added that the regions will have full authority, financial and administrative independence, including providing basic services of electricity, water, roads and education, which are still limited.

He affirmed this would create a security, administrative, development and economic harmony and “through this we can achieve development, advancement and all the desired goals as soon as possible”.

He mentioned that centralization is always a cause of the administrative problems.

He said it is possible to have a 30-member parliament and cabinet for the service ministries to monitor the situation closely and implement a clear development program and it will be possible for every governorate to know its annual budget and its development dues transparently.

For their parts, the governorates’ leaders affirmed their support for President Hadi’s efforts to get Yemen out of this crisis.



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