Google Chairman Schmidt calls censorship in Russia worrisome

MOSCOW, Nov. 23 (UPI) --
Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said Internet policies in Russia are on a worrisome path toward increased censorship.

"We're worried that Russia is on path," that would include censorship policies that resemble those in China, Schmidt said, RIA Novisti reported Saturday.

Schmidt said the Internet will play a part in a "revolution" within China within the next 10 years.

Russian policies include blacklisting websites considered harmful, without judicial review.

Targets of the blacklisting include websites that promote illegal drugs and child pornography, as well as sites the government considers "extremist."

Those sites can be shut down without a court order, RIA Novosti reported, as can sites the government finds are engaging in content piracy.

YouTube, owned by Google, ran into trouble with Russian censorship policies this year, as the government accused YouTube of dragging its feet on compliance, which YouTube denied.


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