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Mexican Media Reports Yet Another Mass Grave, Government Denies It

Mexican news outlets quoting whistle blowers in the Mexican State of Guerrero have reported the discovery of 19 bodies in a mass grave and another with 22 bodies. The Governor’s office in Guerrero has denied the discovery and issued a statement claiming that the information was false and that federal officials have not notified him of their searches.

More Questions Than Answers Remain in Case of 43 Kidnapped Mexican Students

Almost nine months have passed since a group of 43 education students form the rural Mexican town of Aytozinapa were shot at and kidnapped by local police, Mexican drug cartels, and possibly the Mexican federal government. As time has passed since the fateful events of September 26, 2014, parents of those missing students have gotten more questions than answers, and developed a deeper mistrust of the Mexican government.

Mexican Cop Set on Fire after Peaceful Protest Turns Violent

What started off as a peaceful protest by the relatives of 43 education students who were kidnapped by police in Mexico and likely murdered by drug cartels turned into a violent confrontation. Protesters began throwing Molotov cocktails at law enforcement causing one police officer to catch on fire.