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Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialists, emerges from the party's Munich headquarters on December 5, 1931. Hitler predicted his Nazi party would one day control Germany. (AP Photo)

Kneeling Hitler Sculpture Could Fetch Over $10m At Auction

NEW YORK — A controversial sculpture of a kneeling Hitler by the edgy Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is among the highlights of a special sale at Christie’s auction house in New York. When viewed from the rear, “Him” appears as

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Saudi Paper Op-Ed to Middle East: Stop Admiring Hitler

The murderous German dictator Adolf Hitler, well known for his atrocities against Jews and other segments of society, is being praised as a strong and resolute leader across the Middle East, writes a frustrated opinion columnist for Saudi Arabia-based Al Arabiya.

Petain and Hitler

Watch: When Bugs Bunny Beat Hitler

Ynetnews reports: About 9,300 kilometers separate Los Angeles and Berlin, and in the 1930s – long before the age of the internet, the cell phone and jet planes – the distance seemed even greater. Nonetheless, there were those in California who