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Watch: 5 Most Politicized Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl LI on Sunday night was as close to a politics-free experience as a football fan could have hoped for, with even halftime performer Lady Gaga eschewing political talk in favor of high-energy showmanship — but several big-name brands couldn’t help but include overt political messaging in their Big Game advertising.

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Silicon Valley IPO Dam Just Broke

Silicon Valley has been suffering a tech IPO drought, but the dam may have broken after data software company Talend, Inc. jumped 42 percent on its first day of trading. Talend raised $94.5 million in its July 29 initial public


Berlin Cracks Down On Airbnb Rentals To Cool Housing Market

Berlin has begun restricting private property rentals through Airbnb and similar online platforms, threatening hefty fines in a controversial move meant to keep housing affordable for locals. The German capital fears that the growing trend of people letting out apartments

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Airbnb Cuba Offers Colonial Mansions for $80 Per Day

Although President Obama on arrival in communist Cuba said he was “confident” the U.S. embargo would end and the two nations would normalize trade, the only immediate opportunity seems to be Airbnb, which is already offering thousands of rentals.


Santa Monica Slaps Airbnb Owners with $500 Fines

The city of Santa Monica, California, which was nicknamed “The People’s Republic of Santa Monica” as far back as the early 1980s, has launched an attack on Airbnb and VRBO, using the Santa Monica City Council’s ban on short-term rentals issued in May 2015.

The Gig Economy Appears to Be Growing– Here’s Why

With the rise of Uber, Airbnb, and TaskRabbit, there’s a sinking suspicion that the traditional 9-5 job is being replaced by flexible, independent contract work. But, despite the existence of multiple billion-dollar Silicon Valley startups hiring an army of independent contract workers, economists have had difficulty finding any evidence that Americans were more likely to be self-employed.

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Protesters Storm Airbnb HQ Before Proposition F Vote

Protestors stormed the headquarters of multibillion dollar lodging startup Airbnb on Monday in San Francisco, one day before Bay Area residents cast their votes either in favor of or against Proposition F–the “Airbnb initiative,” a measure that seeks to regulate short-terms rentals in the city.

Airbnb’s $8M Political Campaign vs. Proposition F

Airbnb has made headlines for reportedly spending a whopping $8,000,000 to defeat a San Francisco proposition to restrict short-term rentals. That translates into roughly $40 per voter of advertising from Airbnb alone, not including supporting tech lobbies.

Airbnb Pride (Quinn Dombrowski / Flickr / CC)

Airbnb Fighting Existential Battle in SF over Prop F

The $8 million political war chest raised by Airbnb and others to defeat San Francisco’s Proposition F, which would be an existential threat to private short-term “vacation rentals,” appears to be succeeding, with a double-digit lead in the polls.

Airbnb Apologizes for Ads Referencing Hotel Taxes

The multibillion dollar lodging startup Airbnb has apologized for a series of forthright ads they placed on bus shelters throughout the Bay Area that tell municipal agencies in San Francisco what they can do with the millions in city hotel taxes their company is paying.