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‘Moderates’ Reject Amnesty Compromise, Deny Border Upgrades

So-called “moderate” Republicans have rejected proposals to combine their amnesty with popular immigration reforms, including greater use of E-Verify, and border-law changes to reduce migration of people from Central America, says a report in Politico.


Amnesty Dispute Exposes Fight Over Labor, Immigration Numbers

Fundamental disputes over the scale of legal immigration and border security are stalling the push by GOP leaders for a quick amnesty deal that could allow some form of legal status to at least 1.8 million young illegals.


Paul Ryan’s Amnesty Shorts Trump’s Promise to End Chain Migration

The amnesty bill now being drafted by House Speaker Paul Ryan would trim chain-migration by far less than sought by President Donald Trump, according to details buried in a Politico report. Trump says ending chain-migration for extended families is a


Steve King Sounds Alarm: Estb. Is Stampeding GOP Towards Amnesty Cliff

The House GOP leadership is trying to stampede Republicans into supporting an open-ended amnesty bill that will not curb immigration, but which will instead import more foreign professionals to the get the well-paid jobs sought by American college-graduates, sources tell Breitbart News.


Paul Ryan Talks Up Wages, Downplays Amnesty Petition

House Speaker Paul Ryan is praising the wage growth in President Donald Trump’s economy, marking a huge shift from his prior ‘economic-growth-first’ rhetoric to justify cheap-labor immigration. 


Trump Jumps Wages for Jeff Bezos’ Warehouse Workers

The nation’s 800,000 warehouse workers have won a 9.4 percent pay increase amid President Donald Trump’s pro-American migration policy, forcing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to raise wages for his many warehouse employees.


Sen. McCain Endorses Discharge Amnesty Push

Ailing Sen. John McCain has tweeted his support for the business-backed campaign to pass a bipartisan amnesty bill through the House via the discharge-petition process.


Nancy Pelosi Slams Trump on Slow Wage Growth

Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi is hitting President Donald Trump in a soft spot — the slow growth of Americans’ wages in a go-go economy. 


Study: Immigration Costs GOP 5 States, 11 House Seats

Business donors’ demands for mass immigration have cost the GOP five states in presidential elections and 11 House seats in congressional elections, according to a new study by pro-immigration economists.  


Small Business Reporting Record Wage Increases

One-third of small businesses are raising wages in the tight economy, setting a record level of pay increases, says a new report by the National Federation of Independent Business. 


Report: Summer Hiring is Raising Voters’ Wages Before Election

Almost half of hourly-wage employers will “offer the maximum hourly wage they feel their business can afford” this summer, up from just one-third of employers in 2017, says a survey of 1,000 employers by Snag, a job-advertising firm.


Asylum Loopholes Deliver 400,000 Migrants to U.S. Employers

Congress’ border loopholes for asylum seekers have delivered more than 400,000 migrants into Americans’ workplaces, reducing free-market pressure on employers and investors to raise wages for blue-collar Americans.


GOP Senators Revive Push for Quick Amnesty

Pro-amnesty Senators in both parties are trying again to deliver an amnesty to at least two million ‘DACA’ illegals — and also to several hundred thousand people with expiring “Temporary Protected Status.”


Discharge-Amnesty Vote Slated for June 25, Says Jim Jordan

The House’s GOP leadership will likely schedule an amnesty vote on June 25 if the discharge petition gets at least 25 GOP signatures, says Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, a former chairman of the Freedom Caucus. Jordan’s Tuesday prediction comes as House Speaker Paul


Dairy-District GOP Pushes Amnesty Discharge in the House

Rep. Bob Goodlatte is reportedly tweaking his comprehensive immigration reform bill in a way that makes it more attractive to the several dairy-district GOP legislators who have signed the discharge petition.

An Afghan Army soldier adjusts his helmet during an exercise at a training facility in the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013. The Afghan National Security Forces depend exclusively on billions of dollars in funding from the United States and its allies, money that is now at risk …

Taliban Offers ‘Amnesty’ to U.S.-Backed Afghan Forces Who ‘Leave Enemy Ranks’

Taliban jihadists released a statement last week offering a “life of peace” through “amnesty” to the very same U.S.-backed Afghan National Security Forces (ANDSF) they have massacred for years if they renounce their ranks, citing the “very high number of casualties” sustained by the troops as a reason to abandon American support.