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REPORT: One Dead, Five Hospitalized in Texas Mall Robbery

News outlets in Texas are reporting that at least two shooters are involved in what appears to be a robbery gone bad in a San Antonio, Texas, mall. Reports indicate that one person was killed, and five others were taken to area hospitals. A licensed Texas gun owner stepped in and shot one robber after that man allegedly killed a Goood Samaritan.

Armed Robbery in Texas

Video Captures Violence of Armed Robbery in Texas

A video released this week shows the moment of terror as a trio of heavily armed robbers invade a southeast Houston grocery store in an attempted robbery. It was the second armed robbery of this store in four months.

Gun barrel robbery (Geoffrey Fairchild / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Armed Robber Attacks Pokémon Go Players

A Marine veteran who was playing Pokémon Go into the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday had to fight for his life after being attacked by an armed robber in a Lakewood, California park.

Armed Texan Stops Robbery

Armed Texan Stops Late Night Robbery

A Texas man pulled a gun from his car and stopped three men attempting an armed robbery. One of the alleged robbers is now in critical condition at a Houston area hospital.