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Saudi Man Insults Islam, Causes Twitter War

A Saudi social media users has been a target of widespread threats and condemnation after he labelled Islam “garbage” and “primitive” and advocated free encounters between men and women.


Bloomberg: The Lonely Aftermath of China’s One Child Policy

In her chic Beijing studio, 26-year-old Summer Liu relaxes on a sofa, admiring the pink vase she keeps full of fresh flowers. In the eastern city of Jining, Hu Jiying, 81, sits on an old bed that’s scattered with clothes, towels and half a bag of snacks, worrying about the cost of her medicine.

Islamic State fighters

In Highlighting Afghanistan, Islamic State Mag Targets ‘Atheist Chinese’

In explaining the importance of Afghanistan to the Islamic State in an interview, the terrorist organization’s official English-language magazine, Dabiq, note the presence of “atheist Chinese” near Afghan borders as a threat to their international jihad. The group has recently increased its efforts to call the attention of the Chinese government toward them.