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Ben Sasse, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz Not Running as Independent Against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton in November

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) will absolutely not be an independent candidate for president in November, his team confirmed to Breitbart News on Monday morning. A high-placed source close to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has also confirmed that it will not be him running against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November. Another high-placed source, this one close to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), has confirmed that the Texas senator—Trump’s last serious competitor for the GOP nomination—will also not be launching an independent bid for president in November.

Kristol: 50/50 Chance There Will Be a Third-Party Candidate

Monday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who has been advocating for a third-party candidate to run against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton, said there is a “50/50” chance a