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Marcus Mariota

Pac-12 Ends SEC Streak as Top College Conference in NFL Draft

The Pac-12 ended the SEC’s six-year run as the top conference in the NFL Draft by a 1247-1216 score just months after also ending the SEC’s streak of the best seasons by a college conference (see Breitbart Sports story here). It was the first time the Pac-12 topped the draft this century.

Emperor Has No Clothes: SEC Exposed in Drubbings

SEC teams averaged less than 20 points a game against the two Mississippi schools this season. Those two schools played their first games all season against other Power 5 teams New Year’s Eve, and both gave up 42 points by the end of the third quarter.

The Big 12’s Black Monday

Big 12 advocates grumbled when Breitbart Sports rated the Big 12 as the fourth best conference for the regular season, and then the committee did not choose a Big 12 team for the first playoffs. Both were vindicated Monday as the Big 12 was beaten up in their first three games to fall to 5th in the Conference Ratings.