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Hillary to Bannon: Leave Paul Ryan Alone!

In the course of her tin-foily attempt to deflect from her foundation’s pay-to-play scandals by smearing Donald Trump’s supporters as racist Klan members in thrall to Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton defended Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan from the alleged anti-Catholicism of Donald Trump’s campaign CEO Stephen K. Bannon.

Irish Parliament Rejects Limited Abortion Bill

Dublin (AFP) – The Irish parliament on Thursday rejected proposed legislation to allow abortion in Ireland in cases of fatal foetal abnormality. Prime Minister Enda Kenny had instructed his Fine Gael party members to vote against the bill as the

‘Catholics May Vote for Bernie Sanders,’ Fordham Prof Argues

In a fascinating exercise in sophistry, Charles C. Camosy, associate professor of theological and social ethics at Jesuit-run Fordham University,makes the case that Catholics can in good conscience vote for a candidate who professes to be a socialist, advocates same-sex marriage, works against religious freedom and insists on women’s right to abortion.

Why Thomas Aquinas Distrusted Islam

The 13th-century scholar Thomas Aquinas, regarded as one of the most eminent medieval philosophers and theologians, offered a biting critique of Islam based in large part on the questionable character and methods of its founder, Mohammed.

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Slovenians Vote In Gay Marriage Referendum

KOPER (SLOVENIA) (AFP) –  Slovenia on Sunday began voting in a referendum on whether to allow the largely-Catholic EU member state to become Europe’s first ex-communist country to allow same-sex marriage. Polling stations opened promptly at 7:00am (0600 GMT), although hardly

Pope Francis Praises the Many Un-Canonized, ‘Next-Door Saints’

In his Angelus message on the Christian feast of All Saints, the Pope said to the large crowd assembled in the sunny Saint Peter’s Square: “we experience in a particularly vivid way the reality of the communion of saints, our extended family, made ​​up of all members of the Church, both those who are still pilgrims on earth, and those—immensely more—who have already departed for heaven.”

Junipero Serra: Left Leaves Native, Black Latinos Behind for Pope Francis

The canonization of Fray Junipero Serra should have been a rallying cry for the Left. Pope Francis has given America its first saint–a man who dedicated his life to bringing Christianity to the native peoples of California. Many Native Americans see Serra as a conquerer who used violence to impose a religion. They have, selectively, spoken up, but the silence on the part of mainstream left media and white liberals is deafening.

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Don’t Expect Pope Francis to Condemn U.S. Capitalism

Everyone knows that Pope Francis is capitalism’s number one critic, and he has been waiting for his U.S. visit to scold Americans on the economy, right? Not so fast. The fact is, that Francis has never been an enemy of capitalism and actually believes the free market is a good thing, as long as it has “limits.”


Pope Francis Holds Historic Video-Conference Prior to U.S. Visit

In his virtual town-hall event, the Pope spoke with from the Vatican with students from the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Chicago, parishioners of the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen, Texas, as well as homeless men and women and the people who work with them, in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by ABC News in an effort to reach out to Americans from all parts of the country, since Francis will only be able to three East coast cities during his visit later in September.

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Pope Francis: Jesus ‘Rocks Our World’

In his weekly Angelus address on Sunday, Pope Francis said that Jesus’ words are sometimes hard to accept, that they “rock our world” and challenge our secular mentality, because he doesn’t offer immediate success but a longer road to true happiness.