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Jerome Hudson Joins Breitbart News

Jerome Hudson, a longtime political analyst, has joined Breitbart News. Hudson will bring to Breitbart a fresh take on the news as it relates to race relations, politics, and popular culture.

Adam Carolla Defends Big Oil: Why Are They the Enemy?

Adam Carolla Defends Big Oil: Why Are They the Enemy?

It’s clear spending time with Dennis Prager is having an effect on Adam Carolla. The podcast king’s series of two-man shows with the conservative Prager have helped shape the former’s political opinions. This week, Carolla ranted about Elizabeth Warren’s speech

Springsteen's 'Thunder Road' Led to Entitlement Embrace

Springsteen's 'Thunder Road' Led to Entitlement Embrace

While many bands have legions of fans, few (if any) have garnered the type of following that Bruce Springsteen has.  Long before he became famous, those who knew his work were already nothing less than devotees. Decades later, those numbers

Dennis Prager: Americanism Is The Best Hope

Dennis Prager: Americanism Is The Best Hope

Dennis Prager is a popular and respected conservative radio talk show host, broadcasting since 1982 and nationally syndicated since 1999. In his fifth book, Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph (Broadside Books) Prager maintains

Newt Gingrich Is Right on Illegal Immigration

If I were living in Mexico I would do everything in my power to get myself and my wife across the border to America, and that would include breaking immigration laws. There’s no way I could live with myself if

NBC's 'Today' Cheers Cross-Dressing Five-Year-Old Boy

Greg Hengler at Townhall caught this troubling Today show segment where Meredith Vieira celebrates Cheryl Kilodavis, author of My Princess Boy, and her son, Dyson, a five-year-old who dresses up in pink tutus and sparkles: [youtube -XBCLGDbhKg nolink] What’s upsetting

The Ominous 'S-Word' – Secession

After 230 years, are the American people coursing toward eventual divorce? Our polarized society increasingly ponders what would happen if American conservatives and liberals simply agreed that their differences had become irreconcilable, and redivided the nation to go their separate

Apologize to Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Foxman

Friday, Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League did what he’s most fond of doing: he focused his ire on a friend of Israel rather than an enemy in order to protect his allies in the Democratic Party. This time, he’s

Lonewolf Diaries: Do 'The Jews' Run Hollywood?

Firstly let me say, that I love Ben Shapiro. For those who don’t know, Ben is a fellow Big Hollywood contributor, a good friend… And very Jewish. Having worked my whole life with Jews who seemed content with perpetuating the

Stupidity, Schooling, and the Take-Over of America's Culture

Half-a-century ago, a band of Leftist thugs violently took over the administration building at Columbia University and hijacked the American education system. From that moment on, they used this system to indoctrinate – in fact brainwash – generation after generation

Priorities in Life

And so I found myself awake at 2:29 Friday morning. Unable to sleep, thinking of Marc Lee. Marc Alan Lee, a brave young man, who made the ultimate sacrifice, on August 2, 2006, while serving with our troops in Iraq.

Just a Country Boy at Heart

A few years ago, I re-connected with a guy I hadn’t seen in about 50 years. We’d been friends in junior high, but once my family moved, Gary and I wound up attending different high schools. Which is pretty much

Conservatives: A Love Story

My wife loves me. Despite the fact I’m an actor, she loves me. She thinks I’m the most talented guy on the planet, even as work continues to dry up. The eternal optimist to my ever lovin’ pessimist. I’m a