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GLAZOV: Remembering a Dissident: Yuri Glazov

One day, when I was nine years old, my father and I were on our way to Church. As we neared the entrance, I spat on the ground. Reflexively, my dad’s arm shot out across my chest like a railway barrier, blocking my motion forward.

Kyodo via AP Images

Five Cuban Dissidents to Watch in the Post-Fidel Era

Fidel Castro, the dictator who used firing squads, labor camps, beatings, torture, and hunger to oppress his people for more than half a century, died Friday night at the age of 90. His demise – though his brother, Raúl, remains in power – has led many to ask what the future holds for Cuba’s anti-communist dissident community.

Obama’s Cuba Deal One Year Later: More Arrests, More Violence, Complete Failure

One year ago today, President Barack Obama announced a radical change in U.S. policy towards the rogue communist government of Cuba, insisting that funneling new money to the Castro regime would empower “democracy and human rights” n the island. Today, the failure of President Obama’s diplomacy is abundantly clear, as Cuba’s political detention rates skyrocket and thousands more risk their lives to reach the United States before the Castros are emboldened even more.

Dissident Group Says Iran Forging Nuclear Ties With North Korea

A Paris-based Iranian opposition group called the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) claims that teams of North Korean “nuclear experts, nuclear warhead experts and experts in various elements of ballistic missiles including guidance systems” have made several visits to Iran, most recently in April.


Cuba and Venezuela Storm Out of Summit of the Americas Forum

The Summit of the Americas begins tomorrow, but the presence of dictatorships at the table with the rest of the Western Hemisphere’s democratic nations has already begun to cause havoc. On Wednesday, representatives of the socialist governments of Venezuela and Cuba walked out of the pre-Summit Forum on Civil Society due to the presence of pro-democracy activists.


#YoTambienExijo: Cuban Dissidents Occupy Havana’s Revolution Plaza

Emboldened by dictator Raúl Castro’s declarations that, thanks to President Obama’s new policy on Cuba, the communists “have really won the war,” a group of Cuban dissidents led by artist Tania Bruguera have organized an anti-government rally in the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana– the heart of the communist government.