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North Korea parade (Jon Chol Jin / Associated Press)

Facebook Will Let Workers Join Glorious May Day Protests

Facebook, Inc. is encouraging its employees, and the workers at its outsourced labor contractors, to walk out on International Workers’ Day — May Day — and join unions, communists and Black Bloc enforcers in protesting President Donald Trump’s immigration restrictions.

Representatives from 175 Countries Do the ‘Climate Hustle’ at UN

Earth Day’s news coverage of the “historic” ceremonial signing of the Paris Climate Agreement featured representatives from 175 countries walk up to the stage in the General Assembly hall at the United Nations headquarters in New York, sitting behind a desk on the podium, and adding their signatures to the book.


Gutfeld: Earth Day Is About ‘Ego and Retribution’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that Earth Day is about “ego and retribution” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.” Gutfeld began, “so, at an Earth Day thing at the National Mall, activists made an unearthly mess. I guess

Earth Day and the Sustainable Resource Of Guilt

On Earth Day, it’s remarkable how much Green energy (of the political variety) has been pumped into the climate change movement. It gives people an easy way to assume intellectual superiority with virtually zero effort. It’s the eternal crusade, the insoluble problem, the hypothesis that can never be falsified, so it provides sustainable fuel for countless rallies and political power grabs.


Steyn: For Earth Day ‘Mothball Air Force One’

Columnist and author of “The Undocumented,” Mark Steyn proposed that a Republican presidential candidate suggest we “mothball Air Force One” for Earth Day on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Joyce Kaufman Show” on WFTL. “I would love it on Earth Day if