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Immigration Jumps By 20,000 Weeks Before Brexit Vote

The last set of official immigration figures before Britain votes on its membership of the European Union (EU) shows net migration has risen to 333,000 – up 20,000 from December 2014 and the second highest level on record. The numbers,


Britain Deserves Truth On Immigration

One of the best scenes in the BBC’s political sitcom ‘The Thick of It’ shows the main character, Malcolm Tucker, trying to hide an overspend right down low in the news agenda, over-complicating it with false facts and figures, and


Europe Feels Fallout From Merkel Migrant Magnanimity

Angela Merkel may have won praise from the world for Germany’s open-door policy on refugees, but a confused and divided Europe is feeling the fallout from the decision, analysts said. The German chancellor’s sudden move in early September to welcome

EU Chief Praises Borderless Europe As Migrant Tide Floods In

Europe’s most senior unelected official is proud of a borderless EU.  Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, believes the Schengen area of 26 countries that have removed all shared checkpoints was ‘one of our very greatest achievements’. As more European leaders

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Macedonia Police Use Tear Gas Against Migrants On Greek Border

Police on the Greece/Macedonia border used tear gas and stun grenades against thousands of migrants trying to enter from Greece on Friday after a night spent stranded on the closed frontier between the two countries. The violent clash comes 24-hours after Macedonia declared a

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UK To Pay Bill For Enhanced Illegal Immigrant Security In Calais

The French cross-Channel rail tunnel operator is seeking €9.7 million ($10.67 million) in compensation for disruption caused by illegal migrants in and around Calais with Britain expected to help foot the bill. Eurotunnel is charging London and Paris after it incurred a security


Italians Turn Away Migrant Boat – ‘We’re Full’

Italian authorities turned away a boat with some 700 migrants aboard as there was no room left in immigration centres. The boat, operated by medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF), was turned away from Sicily due to “lack of capacity