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Church: ‘Shadow of War’ Is the Latest Example of an Industry Seeking to Profit from Young Gamblers

I came away from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo excited about a precious few upcoming titles. Foremost among them was Middle-earth: Shadow of War. I described the elegance with which the developers introduced complexity to 2014’s Shadow of Mordor’s alchemy of procedural generation and visceral combat. I said that I would be “shocked if it doesn’t immediately become one of the year’s highlights” upon its release, and I meant it.

Pete Rose Denied Reinstatement by MLB

Charlie Hustle’s hustling worked wonders on the baseball field, but his hustling off the field wound up terminating his desperate quest for reinstatement by MLB, as Commissioner Rob Manfred denied Pete Rose’s petition for reinstatement on Monday.

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DraftKings Internal Investigation Claims Employee Did Not Use ‘Insider Information’

With accusations of “insider trading” still hanging over the fantasy sports betting industry, one of the two websites at the center of the scandal, DraftKings, has released the results of an internal investigation. The website now claims that one of the employees accused of insider trading did not use internal data to win over $350,000 on rival site, FanDuel.