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Texas’ Gun Community Reaches Out to Help LGBTs

Texans are tough but they are also big-hearted souls, and those in the gun community are no exception. They have reached out to the LGBT community by offering free CHL classes and escorts to Gay Pride events in Texas.

Right Wing Gays Slam London LGBT Pride For Moving To Permanently Ban UKIP

London’s Gay Pride Parade has updated the application process for their future events, banning perceive “homophobic” groups. Activists fear mainstream political parties like the UK Independence Party (UKIP) will be excluded from the gay rights celebration indefinitely after the unexpected and unexplained banning of a

Venice Mayor Bans ‘Farce’ Gay Pride Parades

The mayor of Venice has said that no gay pride parades will take place in the city while he is in charge. Luigi Brugnaro told Italian daily La Repubblica “there will be no gay pride in my Venice”, describing the